Monday, 11 March 2013

Without me feat a game to forget and a pink pvc hat.

Welcome ladies and gentleman, boys and girls to this new instalment of my blog. It has been a few weeks since my last post, so there should be lots to talk about. And there is. So please enjoy.

Firstly I want to say a massive well done to my Moss Park ladies, both 1st and 2nd teams. I really enjoyed last Thursday's coaching session and I feel that your starting to get the best out of me. I really enjoy the technical side too coaching. I feel strongly that its my best attribute. So thanks for coming and thanks for taking part in the session. I would also like to congratulate the ladies 2nds, for finally finding the form that I have always believed they possessed. 2 wins on the bounce and 2 great performances from all. It's been a joy to watch and a privilege to be part of. Well done ladies. My only wish now is to finish with a bang. Come on the Moss!

In the past few months I have worked exceptionally hard in Training. I have focused purely on the fine tuning of my ability and skills. And with that, I have given my up most to assist the team in achieving its goals. There is one change that I am most pleased with. That change would be my Consistency. This is something I have always had problems with in the past. Be it through injury or just on and off performances. However Since the turn of the new year, I feel I have been the most consistent I have ever been for this club. My form has been of a high standard and this is something I am really pleased with. I have mentioned in previous blogs about believing I had hit a plateau. And with this belief, contemplated whether its a good or a bad thing? I believe that it’s important to have time for everything to come together. You need balance in life. You need life to sometimes catch up with you. After last Saturdays game I realised that I now need to move forward from this plateau and start climbing the next gradient towards my goal. But, I will come back to that shortly.

In recent games I feel I have played very well. I have worked on trying to do all the simple and basic things excellently. In the past few weeks I have not only sustained my new found defensive ability, but been effective offensively too. 2 weeks ago I scored 'in my eyes' probably the sexiest goal I have ever scored. I don't like to blow my own trumpet, but who cares. I won the ball from their right winger back in our 25. I turned and ran towards the oppositions half. I passed the ball with pace to Lewis on the left wing. Instead of halting and falling back defensively, I carried on my run. I ran straight onto the P spot where Lewis played a peach of a ball for me to do a diving flick into the top right corner. So like I said... Sexy!!! That week I was rewarded man of the match.

The week before last I was asked to play my favourite position of Inside Forward. Or what I thought was my favourite position until I realised how much harder it is since last year. All season, I have wanted this opportunity. Granted it was given to me because of Injury to other players, but I snatched at it. In the warm up, I was...honestly, nervous. But after 5 mins of familiarising myself with the role I felt comfortable. I did everything simple. That's what I have been coached. Pass, stop and move. All the basics. All done excellently. I didn't feel like I was as effective as I wanted to be. Or if played their again would be. But again my peers voted me man of the match. It's a weird feeling. I don't crave nor pursue man of the match awards. I just want to play my game, the best I can, for the team. However, It does feel good to be recognised for your good form.

Now we come back to last Saturdays game. Hockey is a funny old game and only Hockey players will understand the next part of my blog. I trained on Tuesday and gave it my all. My ball pace was excellent my basics top notch and my fitness good. I prepared very well for the game. I didn't exploit myself in the gym. I was feeling fit. I went to bed early on Friday. I woke up with a spring in my step on Saturday. I arrived at the pitch early. I Felt really good. No sign of the cold that's been bugging me of late. It was a perfect Saturday morning. A perfect game day. I felt confident warming up. Again, my ball pace was good. The game started. And from the push back I was instantly involved in the game. I was enjoying it. And then.....and I can't explain it. Everything went to pop. I couldn't pass, stop it, mark my man, tackle, communicate, run. Did I mention stop?? Nothing seemed to go my way.  Even deflections went bobbling into the path of my winger. My touch was like an elephants. I think the only thing I did do consistently well, was be rubbish Lol. I walked off that pitch angry, annoyed, peeved. I felt like I had let the team down. I was confused. I just couldn't understand what had happened...Was it because I was playing against someone better than me? Or Maybe I was just due a bad game. Either way it's done dusted and I can't wait to put everything right against Northrop next weekend.  I should have been voted Donkey of the day.  But thanks to lewis and his " I don't have access to my kit text" an hour before the meet time. It was duly awarded to him.  So I feel much pleasure and relief to hand him the PINK PVC hat for him to love and wear.

When I look back at the game. I don't see my bad performance. I see a team that managed to help me. A team that encouraged me. A team that worked hard to make it easier for me. A team that didn't give me rubbish or start complaining. I saw a team full of mates. I witnessed first hand the evolution of our club, our team and our Ethos. I saw Sale HC as it should be. So thanks lads.

So now it's time to pick myself up and work harder. Forget what's happened and move on. It's testament to my character that a few hours after the game I can now sit down and laugh at the banter. I can wake up the next day, feel nothing but anticipation and excitement for next weekends game. I am proud of this.

As I have a real talent now for bastardising song lyrics to fit my own selection agenda.  Here is my inspiration for last Saturday.

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