Wednesday, 13 February 2013

The End Goal?

Hello everyone and welcome to this weeks instalment of my blog. It feels like ages since I last put one of these together, so to my loyal blog readers...I apologise.

This month I feel like I haven't hit the ground running. Its strange because I have always had something to focus on and to aim towards. All the goals I have set I have achieved. It's almost like I have hit a plateau. I think it's mainly down to the fact I am now starting to feel content with aspects of my life. Does this mean I have reached my overall goal too soon? Is this a bad thing? The answer is I don't know?

On Monday the 16th November 2012, I decided I wanted to change most aspects of my life. My first step was to get fitter. On that day I underwent a fitness test. Below are the results from then and how I stand now.

weight - 14.4
waist size - 37 inches
2.4k (1.5m) run - 15.34 minutes.
28 sit ups - 1 minute
3 press ups - minute

Current weight - 13.2 stone
Waist size - 35 inches
2.4k (1.5m) run - 11.17 minutes
41 sit ups - 1 minute
12 press ups - 1 minute.

So looking into it I have improved in all above areas. And To be honest I was shocked on how much things have changed in such a short period of time. So it's that easy. My goals were by January to have lost a stone and be fitter. That goal wasn't just reached I smashed it. I worked very hard, very quickly to reach an acceptable level of fitness. With this new level of fitness it allowed me to enjoy playing Hockey again. I have come to realise that Playing for the 1's is something to respect and cherish. Not to take for granted. I enjoy the competition within our squad. Its healthy and has pushed me to be the best I can be. I am determined to make sure my name is one of the first on the team sheet.

Being fitter, eating healthier, thinking positive helped me to analyse my strengths and weaknesses. I have worked very hard on maintaining my strengths and worked even harder to iron out any weaknesses.

In hockey, I always wanted to excel in one position. But Instead I have learnt that being versatile is a great skill to have. I feel like the Zabaleta of Sale. I am happy with the feedback from captains, players, coaches and spectators. I am not going to get big headed. Instead accept it as a pat on the back for all the hard work I have committed to these past few months. If I receive criticism? I don’t see it as a negative, but treat it as a new challenge. I have learnt that to become fitter and a better player I need balance. I need to balance both training and rest. It's vital for sustaining momentum and to stop fatigue creeping in.

Because I am determined to better myself,  I have been actively working with Lyndon improving my tackling and defensive positioning . I feel encouraged that this is really starting to pay off with my recent performances. It's been hard trying to learn a new position. But its been worth it and because of this extra training I now feel confident. I feel like the team depend on me and they believe in me.

So what's next? Since the new year I have been contemplating that very question. Should I be looking for a girlfriend? Should I be looking for a new career? Or should I just be content? I don't think it will ever be in my personality to be content. So...

My ultimate goal is to be in a career that I really love and enjoy. This is probably the biggest goal anyone has in life.  I think this is the reason why I have hit a plateau. I believe I'm wasting my talents away. What do I want to do? I have asked myself that question ever since leaving High school.  But instead of acting on what I wanted to do, I opted for the easy option.  So I am setting myself a new goal.  A new challenge.  Something I have to work hard for. Something that I want to do.  I am going to keep this Goal to myself for now.  I want it to be purely my focus, My idea, my dream and my success.

To help achieve my end goal. My next focus is to be able to complete the following:

 Final Goal
Weight - 12.2 stone
Waist - 34
2.4k (1.5m) run - 10 minutes
50 sit-ups - 1 minute
25 press ups - 1 minute

Please encourage me and support me.  This next step is going to be harder then anything I have done yet.

Even Rocky had a montage
My Time Is Now...

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