Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Wednesday 5-12-12 "intensity"

"Intensity refers to how much energy is expended when exercising. Perceived intensity varies with each individual. It has been found that intensity has an effect on what fuel the body uses and what kind of adaptations the body makes after exercise. Intensity is the amount of physical power (expressed as a percentage of the maximal oxygen consumption) that the body uses when performing an activity."

Sorry for the late blog. I have had so much to talk about over the last 8 days. So instead of doing lots of smaller blogs, I will publish larger more worthwhile reading.

Before I start, Commiserations for us 1st team players who were involved in Sunday’s Semi Final. The 2nd half performance was truly outstanding and we should all raise our heads high and stand tall. We played with true pride and determination. We were unlucky to not get something from the Tie. We received an email from the Knutsford Team shortly after the game. The email basically thanked us for taking the Tie seriously. They praised us for our standard of play and advised how it was probably their hardest game they have had to play this season. They wished us luck and hope for us to be promoted this year. I honestly think we should take immense credit from this. We have come 100 fold from the team we were a few years back and to received an email like that is testament to our evolution.

This season is a complete contrast from previous seasons. What makes it different is the huge influx of good new players. No one’s place is secure. There is so much competition for places. Each squad member has to prove their worth to the team. This year my comfort zone was taken from underneath me. At first I was kind of confused, angry even. I felt really negative towards this change. This affected my game and my stature amongst my peers. I had to accept and identify what was wrong. The truth hurts’ sometimes. I had to accept the boot up the bottom off my Coach. Did I want to change? HELL YES I DID! I started going gym, running on the road, swimming. I was doing anything I could to get the fire burning. I wanted my place back. I wanted to be part of this team. I was not giving up. I had to up the intensity of my training. I had to change the perceptions of others. I needed them to believe in what I believed in. How did I do this? I did this by working harder than anyone in training. I studied over other people and watched them play. I opened myself up to learning new skills. I had to adapt my game style to accommodate this new role. I worked ever so hard in games. I put myself out in games. I showed to myself, to the coach and to the team, that I am back and back with purpose.

I now enjoy my hockey again. I have come to realise that playing in this new position is not a set back or a reason for me to be disappointed. This is a new chapter and challenge in my hockey career. Challenge very much accepted. I also feel like I have earned my place, not just inherited it. That for me is complete satisfaction.


For me this has been the turning point and also my "Achilles heel". From day one I have adopted an intense "my body will learn to cope" approach. I still believe this is the way I need to proceed to reach my final goal. However it's integral that I balance this intensity correctly. My body needs time to recover. I kind of discovered this on the double header weekend. I am starting to feel a lot of fatigue in my muscles. At training last night I just couldn’t perform as well as I have been doing. I have now taken on board the advice from coach and close friends. I will still continue to push myself hard; however I will balance it with rest.

23 days ago I set out various milestones along a 3 month path to get the fittest I have ever been. It's important to lay down milestones. It's important for morale to have targets that can be achieved. . Success and happiness is beautifully described by Thomas Jefferson as "The pursuit” And how right he was. Nothing is ever given to you in life. To achieve success requires hard work, dedication and commitment. On this "pursuit" You will run into road blocks. You will have times where you feel nothing is going right. Those times are there to test your own resilience. Remember it takes time and perseverance to reach the finish line.

My first milestone was to lose half a stone and to lose the negative "can’t do attitude". This was to be accomplished by 1-12-12. On Friday morning I was dreading it. It was the first time I have properly weighed myself since day 1. I never like disappointment and was expecting all my hard work to be thrown right back in my face. Anyway I bit the bullet and stood on the scales. I was happily surprised by the results. I have lost 7 pounds in 3 weeks. I have lost a few inches here and there off my chest and waist and my overall fitness progression in these last 3 weeks has dramatically increased. My stamina is now better than it has ever been. I am currently at the moment not including Hockey, running around 30k a week. The Biggest turn around in these 3 weeks is my confidence. I now adopt a rejuvenated persona. I have a new found respect and attitude towards all parts of my life.

So....lets up it a little. My next Milestone is to lose 0.5 stone by January 1st 2013. I also want to continue pushing my fitness levels. I want to be aiming to run 40k a week during xmas break....Easy.

Okay on a final note, I would like to thank everyone so far that has given me encouragement and guidance. Without you guys I probably would be playing 4s, well if selected. So thanks.

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