Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Opportunity, Festive cheer and My lovely Summer's Birthday.

Before I even get started I would like to wish Summer a wonderful birthday! She graced the chambers household 6 years ago and has been a bundle of Joy ever since. She is always polite and can make anyone smile. I am proud to be part of your life. She is Testament too the proud parents Lee and Nat. So happy birthday Summy have a great day love Davexxxx.

I have always been a great believer in opportunity. Opportunity is a set of circumstances that makes it 'Possible' to do something, to find something or to achieve success. Opportunity surrounds every single one of us each and every second of the day. Most people create opportunities and completely dismiss them. Sometimes they never even realise. 

The first and most important step is to open your eyes. Stop hiding behind your insecurities your doubts and your fears. Believe in yourself. trust in yourself. That belief and trust will fill you with the confidence. It will give you the internal power to see something you desire and work towards it. 

This year has been so eye opening for me.  I was once the person who never really took up on any opportunities. I was someone who would find any excuse to hide away from them. When i started writing this blog i was completely unsure what reaction i would get.  I was insecure whether i could write about my feelings and publish them in the pubic eye.
I look back over this year and feel wow what a learning curb it was.  I have changed so much in the past 6 months.  I am better, stronger, confident, healthier  damn the list could go on. I feel like what ever I want from life I can achieve.  Not only achieve but be a great success at it.  

There have been a few opportunities that i have taken on. I have an opportunity to be the fittest, fastest and best half back Sale HC has to offer. I have really enjoyed this new challenge this year.  I feel i can be that person, i know i can be this player. To be picked to start every week is a great honour for me. Especially as i know the competition is rife. I have had to work hard to earn the privilege of being 1st choice. It's now very important that I work harder to keep this role.  

Next June I have the opportunity to greater my coaching knowledge and skills. I really can't wait to achieve my Level 2. I have worked very hard over the last three years and I believe I am ready for that next step. I really need to thank Rob Riley, my lovely Juniors and of course my Moss Park girls. All of you have given me the belief and I really hope I have given you all much more back.

My most recent opportunity arose when Sophie Stephenson advised me of a special trip to the Cayman Islands.  I was so excited i think i may have been the first to reply to her. Its a once in a life time experience for me and i would have been a fool to turn this down.  Well as of yesterday its all booked. May 15th you can not come any sooner.  RUM SUN AND MORE RUM! So excited.

Soooo next time your out an about think about what opportunities you dismiss that could change your life. I am not saying be a yes man/woman, but It could be as simple as sharing a smile, helping someone cross the road, filling in a form, telling someone how you feel, speaking to family, building bridges, staying an hour after work, working hard in education, getting someones number, learning a new skill or even a kiss. So be brave. Go for it!

Opportunity aside....Its 6 festive days to Christmas Day. 

Christmas has been a little hard for me over the past few years.  Its never really been a time of joy. The whole festive season has always been in the shadow of my late grandads terrible accident. I have never really spoke much about this and up until recently this year i would never of known how too. Its funny i feel so much more full of life just by talking about this.  Its so much easier to let it off my chest.  I know my grandad will be reading this and saying in his Manc Sligo accent, " David, Thomas Oliver Sarah Sean Thomas David...ya stupid fekker, go and get a beer" :)

This year i am really looking forward to Christmas.  The build up has been so much more enjoyable.For me Christmas is all about friends family and loved ones.  Its a time for everyone no matter what difference to get together and celebrate family. I am really lucky to have such a brilliant family.  And to top all of this off my extended families are quality as well.  

So thank you all for having me and putting up with me.  I would like to take this "opportunity" to wish all my family and my extended family Sale HC, Moss Park HC, Friends and The Chambers, a very happy Christmas. Have a lovely festive period drink lots, eat lots and be safe. xxxx

I know its no my normal way to end a blog, However over the last few years we have witnessed some heinous gun crimes in the US.  I would like everyone to take some time to pray for the families who will be missing someone this year.

Please listen to this song and take a minute...

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