Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Day 1 Monday 12-11-12

People may ask why start something now it's November, the festive season is coming. Point taken, it is! And that's why!

I no longer want to be seen as Mr Excuse, Mr complain or even Mr can't do!

That side of me has died. And along with it, tag lines such as lose, podge, Dave whine etc etc.

So for anyone thinking it will be funny to refer to the above, I warn thee.

Now not to steal the concept of a great movie trilogy, but to go back to the future I first have explain a few things in my past.

It was only a short time ago I was planning to step down from playing hockey. Not a level, or team, but completely. I was fed up. But fed up with what you may ask? And indeed that is a very good question. Personally I felt completely drained mentally and physically. I needed time to breathe. Luckily for me I had shin splints and got some extra time off at the beginning of the season. But the problem persisted. I wasn't enjoying playing, or even being associated with playing. I was not working hard at training, I was not embracing opportunity.

I was lost? Lost and with no direction, angry with regret, past hates and mistakes. Again looking for any excuse to hide behind.

Now stop! Back to the future.

Now I am going to say thanks to a few people, my coach Rob Riley, my Vice Captain Nick "New Man" Overton, my best friends Lyndon Hessing, Lee Chambers and my lovely Danielle Morris.

I think in the combination of one weekend I suddenly realised what everything was about and when it hit me it was like I lost 3 stone. I smiled. So thanks!

To summarise, there is no substitute for good friends. People who you can aspire too and people you just trust with everything.

Okay back to what this is all about! I need to be fitter. I need to be healthy. I will be fitter and I will be health. This is about what I want not what people should expect. I am doing this for me and me alone.

My mission which I gladly choose to accept it is below!

End target weight 12 stone.
End target waist size 32

To help me achieve this goal I am setting milestones.

1st mile stone is to be at 13.5 stone by December 1st.

No pain no gain...bring it!

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